Men at Work

from by Rednecked Coolies

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Sam's experience of working at UPS.


[VERSE 1]:
I wake up in the morning
Set foot in my work boots
I wish I was still snoring
Say a prayer, then out the door, it's cool
Get to work, like "How's it going?"
They're pretty much half asleep
It's early, but it's time to roll
And the way I see it, it is gonna be a really, really good morning

So off I go, it's time to work
Work like a pro and like a quirk
Gotta do my best
Hopefully, my best is good enough for the employees around
We are the men at work

[VERSE 2]:
A week-and-a-half I'm in
I'm thinking it's all right
But there's more, stopping my grin
Unfriendly people in my sight
I can't put up with them
I wasn't in for this
Communicating without a clue, disrespectfully treating us
They could be boosting us up, but they're tearing us down
Shit happens for a reason
And I'm starting to think now
This isn't working out
And my best isn't best for now
I tried to reason with you, but you found it unreasonable
Next day falls and things seem fine until I'm back in the place where Satan's in charge

I hate it here
I'm not doing this, no
Too much to bear here
Lasting twenty minutes, so
I go home sick
And I feel relieved
But I'm thinking the job's not for me
Just like some of the other men at work
The men at work

[VERSE 3]:
Once again, I tried to reason
With the man running the show
And he wasn't buying it
Then suggested to me saying
"You might want to make up your mind on this one"
As I was about to, he hung up
So then I drove right in and talked to him
Again, he found my reason unreasonable
And I said I couldn't handle
Then he said, "All right, then you're done"
Relieved and agreeing, I shook his hand and thanked him
He was friendly seeing I had appreciated the opportunity at this workplace

So there I left on nothing but good terms
So as I did, then things took a better turn
Now that it's over, I can leave with dignity
Either I hate it or it wasn't the job for me
Life goes on and the world keeps going around
Though I'm a little angry, I'll try to forget it now
I'm walking strong, but just not in these boots
I'll take them off, what should I do?
I will put on different shoes and know that I was one of the men at work
The men at work, the men at work


from Goodtimes, released September 28, 2016
Lyrics: Sam Mello

Lead Vocals/Guitar/Synthesizer: Sam Mello
Lead Guitar: Roman Laiacona



all rights reserved


Rednecked Coolies Boston, Massachusetts

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